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Roasted Banana Cinnamon Rolls + Dark Chocolate Glaze

When I think of freshly baked pastries, my brain gets cliché on me and makes me nostalgic for Paris. Strolling along the wide streets, coming across a café that fits the bill for a piping hot cup of fresh coffee and a fresh pastry…or two.


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Cinnamon rolls are an exception to my Parisian cravings. When I think of cinnamon rolls, my mind goes straight to one of my all-time favorite films: A Little Princess.

For those of you who aren’t familiar (please remedy this a.s.a.p.!!!), the film is about a little girl whose father is a captain in the British Army. The young girl, Sara, is put into a boarding school in New York City while he goes off to fight in the First World War.

When he is presumed dead, her education funding dries up, and Sara goes from living like royalty to that of a slave.

One day, while she is out running errands for the headmistress, Sara is given money by a young boy who mistakes her for a homeless girl. She takes the money to a bakery where she walks out with a giant, warm pastry roll. Just as she’s about to take the first bite, she notices a woman and three young children, all of whom are covered in soot and dirt, selling yellow roses in the street. One of the younger girls looking at that moment catches her eye, smitten with the sweet roll in her hands. Sara walks over to the young girl, hands the freshly baked treat to her and starts back to the school as the woman stops her to give her a yellow rose as thanks for her kindness.


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As if a cinnamon roll isn’t cozy and perfect enough, thinking back to the baked beauty’s cameo in one of my all time favorite movies is just the cherry on top – or should I say chocolate glaze in this case – to a classic baked delight.


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The roasted bananas, cinnamon and chocolate are an outstandingly smooth, rich and overall devastatingly delicious flavor combination. And then there’s the texture. They’re so light and fluffy, they almost deflate in your mouth. The bread gives way to the toasted walnuts, buttery, sugary chocolate filling. They’re surprisingly simple to make just in time for breakfast, dessert…or both!


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