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Springtime Flourless Chocolate Cake

You guys! Passover is coming up, and I officially can’t wait now that I know what dessert is going to be like:


flourless chocolate cake


Growing up, Passover was always one of my favorite holidays. I’m by no means religious, but there’s just something about both Christmas and Passover that’s hauntingly beautiful.

The stories told and the songs sung around a big table of family and friends is memorizing as both a child and an adult. I love the traditions and the simplicity of this holiday. Mystifying tales of ancient times, the coziest comfort foods to look forward to all year long, and glass after glass of delicious wine (once my family finally decided to ditch the Manischewitz) all for the sake of cultural decadence.

I remember in middle and high school, if friends were curious about the holiday, my family welcomed curious guests with open arms. I loved that inclusive detail of Jewish holidays. Warm. Inviting.


flourless chocolate cake


But, before this year’s great feast, I thought I’d try something a little different. While those cans of crappy macaroons are tradition (and somewhat of an embarrassingly guilty pleasure), I’m willing to break with that tradition for the sake of chocolate cake. Heresy? Perhaps. Do I feel guilty? Not at all.

On this gorgeous weekend morning, it finally feels like spring is in the air. The windows are open, letting the fresh, cool morning air into the house. My back garden is also ready to rock n’ roll. Earlier, trowel by my side, I planted my pseudo (sub)urban-farming veggie garden. With very little gardening ground to work with, and a zillion terra cotta pots on the porch, I worked a miracle. I say that, but let’s see if any of it actually grows…

In the upcoming weeks, I’m hoping that my peas, broccoli, tomatoes,  jalapeños, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, purslane, and onions will sprout up and provide a mini farmers’ market experience just outside my back window.


flourless chocolate cake


After all that work, I decided I’d earned some chocolate cake (I’ll keep telling myself that, at least) which turned out to be beautifully and sinfully delish! It will be a perfect addition to next week’s Passover feast.

I couldn’t decide which direction to take the cake toppings, so I went all in, as you can see. A co-worker of mine, who is lucky enough to have bee hives, brought me some of her fresh, super local honey. It’s some of the most amazing honey I’ve ever tasted, and now I’m pretty determined to get some hives in my life. Where oh where to put them though…?

With honey, bee pollen granules seemed appropriate—also a great way to ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies for those of you suffering this time of year.

Speaking of spring, fresh berries were a MUST!


flourless chocolate cake


Serve warm. Serve chilled. Either way, you really can’t lose.


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