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Cajun Breakfast Hash

This morning we woke up to another snowy Monday. After an award-winning (in my mind) weekend of brunches, I had to keep momentum up moving into a new week. We usually spoil ourselves with brunch once in a blue moon. On this rare occasion, we managed to wind up sipping mid-morning cocktails and eating french toast near a fireplace not once, but twice over the weekend. It was bliss.

Since I’ll be working from home today due to the fact that I’m not bold enough to face the snowy, icy roads and rushed, panicky drivers, why not start things off with a hot breakfast.


cajun breakfast hash


I love preparing breakfast hash because it’s a great way to use up tidbits and leftovers in the fridge. Those random halved veggies? Throw ’em in. Find an extra pepper in the bottom drawer of the fridge? Toss it in. Fresh herbs about to go bad? Leftover turkey from last night’s supper? You know what to do.

Cozy comfort food first thing in the morning doesn’t hurt either. This cajun breakfast hash really awakens the senses for the day. Crispy potatoes. Rich, smoky sausage. Savory. Spicy. Cheesy. Slightly runny eggs. Oh yeah. Do I know how to do snow days, or what?!

If it’s snowy or icy in your neck of the woods, stay safe and whip up some breakfast hash to start your snow day off right.

cajun breakfast hash

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